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January 7, 2018 by Cocky Latins


NEW! Nude Latin Men JUSTIN: Age 20 – Height 6' 0? – Weight 145 lbs. – Mexican-American. The hot guy you see in these profile photos with the big curved monster cock is 20 year old Justin. He’s a tall lanky top from California. When asked if any guys have trouble taking that big curved cock he said that they usually do in the beginning but are satisfied once he gets it in because he has lots of energy and can fuck all night at!


January 7, 2018 by Cocky Latins


NEW! Hard Latino Cock DURO: Age 21 – Height 5' 7? – Weight 152 lbs. – Hispanic. One of our member’s approached Duro at the gym while he was hitting a punching bag (he’s a boxer). We have to say he was pretty brave! In his photos he seems to have that hard edge you would expect from a boxer but he was actually pretty chill and easy to work with. As you can tell from his profile photos he has a rock hard body (and dick). What would people be surprised to know about him? He has let a guy suck his dick. Kinkiest thing he’s ever done? Fucked a girl in the ass and being rimmed by a girl at!


January 7, 2018 by Cocky Latins


NEW! Cute Naked Latin Twink JESS: Age 18 – Height 5' 7? – Weight 126 lbs. – Nationality Cuban/Puerto Rican. We first saw Jess the way you see him in these photos, with no shirt on and wearing basketball shorts, while walking down the street on a hot winter day (Decembers in LA are like that lol). His tight toned body was really sexy but we liked his curly hair and cute face, too. We won’t bother you with the details but obviously he likes to show off and he also turned out to dave a big uncut dick and hot ass, just the way we like ’em at!

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Saul Leinad Fucks Hugh Hunter - BAREBACK THAT HOLE

January 3, 2018 by Cocky Latins


Hugh Hunter, the office newbie, needs to be broken in and there’s no one better for the job than Saul Leinad. When you see him strip down you’ll understand. He might be the first to drop to his knees in order to have a taste of Hugh’s thick cock and succulent balls but it’s the tattooed bearded daddy who ends up in lust with bearded Saul’s big black uncut monster. Hugh can barely get the entire length of the chocolate slab down his throat but the white daddy does his best to service the slender black fucker. Saul soon buries his face in Hugh’s hot, meaty ass, rimming his co-worker while stroking that humongous cock. And then he slides that enormous fucker home. Raw. To the balls. Saul stretches out Hugh’s hungry ass, bareback fucking the eager daddy at!

Saul Leinad Fucks Hans Berlin - BAREBACK THAT HOLE

January 3, 2018 by Cocky Latins


Hans Berlin knows how to use that thick uncut slab of meat he was blessed with and he's satisfied dozens, if not hundreds, of bareback bottoms who love to get stretched out. However, when it comes to getting fucked, Hans has a thing for black men and big black cock. Right from the start, the chemistry between Hans and Saul Leinad is palpable. The big, black and beautiful bearded daddy primes Hans by sucking his cock and toes but especially his asshole. Saul devours the delectable morsel, all but sending Hans into orbit. When he's done, Saul kisses Hans, swapping spit with the hungry white boy, giving him a taste of his own asshole. Saul goes back to rimming Hans before grabbing hold of that monster horse cock and sliding the entire length inside Hans, who remains hard through the entire penetration at!

Davey de la Cruz - STRAIGHT MEN XXX

January 3, 2018 by Cocky Latins


NEW! PLAYIN': "A bit different for me, the director wants a solo with some twists, he says. Fooling around with some toys, I follow his lead and, just go with it. First in the spa, I do enjoy the cool water on my bouncing uncut cock and then we go inside to film more intimate details of how I get off. After, I do tell him that you guys are some kinky mother fuckers" at!

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